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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the passion to help individuals with unique needs. In therapy my goal is to understand and build a connection with clients in a safe and friendly environment. 


As a unique individual myself with experience in military, raising children, marriage, acculturation and other life diversities, along with 15 plus years in social work, I can help you reach your personal goals.  The work I do are both clinically sound and relationship based.


Prior to my private practice, I worked in both hospital and Community Mental Health settings, where I attained a plethora of professional skills in evidence based practices to help my clients enhance their lives and live life to the fullest.


In therapy, my clients identify their feelings, consider their choices, shape who they want to be and learn how to approach and reframe unique situations. Telling their story is part of the process where my clients experience relief and learn to see life with enthusiasm.


I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused and Eye Movement Desensitized Reprocessing (EMDR) in my practice. Since working with Aurora Mental Health Center I have worked with over 500 clients in all spectrums of mental health issues. My clients appreciate my open mind, professionalism, compassion and empathy. Above all assisting them with their stepping stones towards positive change.


In my free time, I love to spend it with my grandchildren. I am very family oriented. I also enjoy reading, dancing, traveling and exploring life's wonders.











Adriana Figueroa


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

CSW # 09924075

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